Giving gloves the finger

Last night I decided to rotate, so I pulled the sock glove project out of the drawer and worked a few rows. Until I tried them on again and decided that I really don’t like the pattern formula for figuring out how many stitches to give each finger. My index finger has as many (or more?) stitches as the thumb. The pinky finger has almost none. So the index finger is baggy and the pinky is way too tight. You can see their decreasing size in the first photo and the incorrect fit in the second.

So I have to frog them back to the palms. And I didn’t want to concentrate on that last night while watching the game. I worked on the Squiggles sweater instead. I’m steadily working my way across the back there. You can see in the photo that I’m firmly past the armhole.

And because I haven’t shown it since my travels, here’s the progress on Marcel’s sweater:

I’m itching to start on a new project, but I think that tonight I’ll make another holiday ornament.

Also, before I went away, I mentioned that I received a travelling stash box containing cross-stitch and needlepoint items. I finally opened it tonight. This is what it contained:

I removed some pattern books for doll house furnishings:

And also some needlepoint novelty fibers. These will be useful when I get the Knitting for Barbie book.

Finally, I leave you with a photo of Grace, aged 3 months, modelling the Matinee Coat: