Do frogs come in plagues?

Yesterday I finished the second half of the Rugby Romper. And then I frogged the whole thing. I noticed a distinct change in gauge (albeit with the same needles) starting halfway up the 2nd half. Sure, I could have fixed it by only ripping that part back and redoing it with larger needles. But I liked the look of the tighter gauge better. Which would have meant redoing the first side, half of the second, and then some tricky grafting back to the part I did like. And as I didn’t like the project enough to justify that use of my time, I decided to can it. I think the gauge problem was due to length of time I was working on it, long because it was at the bottom of my pile. Fortunately, the other project I’ve been working on equally long is not showing any gauge issues. But the message is clear. I’m really finishing one of the items on my Active Projects list before starting either of the two sweaters whose yarns are in bags at my feet.

And while I was ripping out stitches, I took my gloves off the needles and ripped the fingers off of one of them. The other one will need to be done as well, but I don’t have another size 1 needle, which is needed to get the magic loop techinque back on track for both together (a far amount of shifting left and right getting all the tiny stitches from the same row back on the needles).

But the weekend wasn’t a complete waste. I got a lot more work done on the Squiggles sweater. I’m well beyond the halfway point (marked with some sock yarn) and almost done with the back-of-the-neck shaping.