Steady as she goes

Nothing but sure and steady progress this week. A week that just flew by with no time to sit and write about it.

I realized that it’s now November, so I need to make progress on my holiday ornaments, especially as I will be travelling a lot over the next two months. So I started on #2. Here’s the back and most of the two fronts (I need to do the button bands):

I made a little more progress on Marcel. I thought I might finish it before a year of working on it was up. Not gonna happen. I’m very close. But I’m to the point where I have to pay attention because soon I’m going to have to shape the neck. So it’s no good as a mindless travel project anymore. Here’s where it is now, you can see that I’ve started shaping the armholes:

And I’m really booking on the Squiggles sweater. At this point, it’s all seed stitch and row counting. I’m now working on the 2nd armhole. It’s been nothing but a ball in my lap for so long, that laying it out for the photo was really striking. It’s gonna be a real sweater:

Today I could have gotten a lot more knitting done. Especially some of the things that needed a little more concentration. But a friend was visiting and she needed some sewing help. So we spent the day at my machine. And what did we make? Fleece and flannel hammocks for her pet rats (she has a lot of them). I didn’t get any photos before she left, but she promises to send some once she’s installed them in cages.

Okay, time for bed. I’m off to L.A. in a few hours. I’m bringing Squiggles along.