Chocolate won

I made it back from Paris without any yarn, but with a suitcase full of chocolate. Many Kinder Eggs, super cheap, super yummy Kinder Buenos, and some other assorted items. At the store where we bought the Eggs and Buenos, Scott watched me load up the basket and then remarked “France called, they’re out of Kinder”.

Avoiding yarn was harder than it sounds. I encountered a few more yarn stores, including discovering a Phildar store mere blocks from my hotel. Further, it seems that department stores in France have a floor more than they do in the U.S., and that floor is filled with nothing but crafts. Oil paints, scrapbooking, rubber stamps, embroidery and cross-stitch, beads, ribbon, and oh yes, yarn. After chancing upon this floor at Samaritaine (which also contains books and CDs!), I sought it out at Le Bon Marche, Galleries Lafayette, and Le Printemps. Fascinating. There wasn’t a lot of depth to any of the craft sections (okay, the DMC selection at Galleries Lafayette was mind-blowing), but how convenient would it be to just run out to Macy’s if you had a craft emergency?

I also encountered yarn every time I rode the Metro:

It’s an ad for a clothing store chain. The caption on the left says “Low price”. The caption on the right says “Low price, everything included”. I leave it up to the reader to decide whether it actually is more cost effective to buy the yarn instead of the finished sweater.

While I didn’t buy any yarn, I did knit. And here is my progress.

During evening breaks watching CNN Europe, I finished the body of the Squiggles sweater:

And during my flight home I started the first sleeve. It’s about halfway finished:

For those of you who are interested in the non-knitting portions of my trip, the details can be found in my LiveJournal.