Success or Failure?

Noting that today would mark one year since I started Marcel’s sweater, I pushed hard the last few days to finish principal knitting on the one remaining piece, the front. And I did. Pulling out the back, I noticed two things: 1) due to the stitch pattern, both pieces tend to warp to the left and 2) the back was a slightly larger gauge than the front.

I figured blocking would help, so I pulled out the board and soaked each piece. Well, the quick wash relaxed the yarn quite a bit. The warp is totally gone. The front, which was a little smaller than called for, ended up nearly perfectly sized. The back, however. Well, it grew quite a bit. And the stitch pattern is nice and crisp and well-defined in the front piece, but is looser and less impressive in the back piece.

I’m going to wait for it to dry before I make a decision, but I’m fearing I’ll have to frog the back and redo it. I think I’ll have to block the sleeves before I decide completely. I could probably make it work as is, but I think it would end up sagging wrong and that I’d always be a little disappointed with it. How frustrating this is. I guess it serves me right for not washing my swatch to see what the yarn would do and also for not focusing on one project at a time to preserve my gauge. Useful lessons, but painful and disappointing nevertheless.

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