Can’t I do anything right?!

I finished one of the Squiggles sleeves and it’s too long. This probably wouldn’t be a problem, except that my mother already expressed concern about long sleeves (she has short arms). So I stopped one increase row before I should have and bound off. Then I realized that I needed the last increase row to make the join match perfectly. D’oh! So I started the second sleeve using the instructions for the next size larger. That should make a shorter length ending with the right stitch count. We’ll see. If this works, I’ll frog the other back.

And the body pieces for Marcel’s dried. And I think that the front, albeit the tighter gauge, needs re-doing. The stitch definition improves as the yarn dries, so the back looks fine now, and it laid nicely on me when I held it up. To make sure I’ve washed and blocked the sleeves. They’re also in the looser gauge. Time to pull out some bigger needles and frog, frog, frog.

But to feel like I made some progress, I worked two more santa jacket ornaments. They just need bead buttons and a touch of embroidering (date). And I found some cute brass hangars at Patternworks to complete them. I better go place that order if I want it anytime soon. Pictures later.

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