Which is more elf-like?

I’m going to make a stocking cap. Don’t know which color scheme to use. Here are a few swatches I made up. Any suggestions? (sorry about the color, I don’t have very good lighting. But the green is “christmas green” and the red “christmas red”)

And because I promised photos, here’s 3 of my santa jacket ornaments. They still need bead buttons. And there’s one more to make.


  1. Anonymous:

    Those little jackets are adorable! As for the swatches, I like the red, green and white one.

    Sara ‘82

  2. Anna van Schurman:

    I also like the red, white and green, but you’ll have to make sure it doesn’t just look Italian rather than Christmas. The ornies are adorable, as usual!

  3. Anonymous:

    Make that 3 votes for the white, green, and red. The white and red looks too Cat-in-the-Hat-ish, and the green and red, um, looks kinda yucky to me. But maybe that’s just the photo. Anyway. Happy knitting!

    Jen, who has encountered troublesome roadblocks to the simple path of sewing on buttons. Haven’t even gotten to the final blocking yet. Someday….

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