Never trust the pattern

I settled on making my elf hats in red and green (I’m making 2, as well as a secret matching project) . The red and white looked too Seussian, the tri-color looked too Italian or too Irish depending on the lighting. And in Real Life, the red/green doesn’t look that odd. At least no more odd than it’s supposed to. And it’s all for a silly costume anyway.

So I sat down last night and worked out my gauge and decided that my swatch was a little bigger than the pattern gauge. So I reduced the number of cast on stitches appropriately and worked several inches of 2×2 rib for the bottom.

Then I tried it on. It fit, but it was stretched out just about as much as it could. And I don’t have that large a head. So I ripped it out and prepared to make the size the pattern actually called for, when I noticed that the number of stitches called for isn’t divisible by 4 - the number of stitches in a 2×2 pattern repeat. So I cast on 6 more than called for (it tapers by reducing by 6) and hopefully it won’t be woefully large. I tried it on after I worked a few rows and it seems to be fine. I guess the real test is when I start doing the non-rib stripes.

The thing I don’t get is how the instructions could be so wrong as to tell you to do a 2×2 rib for a number of stitches where it won’t work out evenly. There were photos with the pattern, so presumably it was taken from the worked piece. Oh well, the pattern was free.