Elves Unite!

I finished the elf hats I was working on, as well as the secret companion project. One hat was for me, one hat was for my friend Emma, and the secret project was a striped shrug to match the hats. We wore the hats to see Barenaked Ladies tonight.

Afterwards, some of the band came out to pose for pictures and sign stuff.

Here we are with Ed (lead guitarist and singer). (from left: me, Ed, Emma):

And here we are with Steve (lead singer and guitarist). Of course, while digital photos are instantaneous, you don’t always know until you upload the shots to your computer that someone was mugging for the camera. (from left: Emma, Steve, me):

I didn’t get any pictures of the striped elf-shrug tonight (it was cold!) but we have two more shows in the next two days and I’ll make sure to take one.

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  1. Anna van Schurman:

    The red and green came out nice! Much better than it looked the first time you showed us. I’m dying to see the shrug.

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