Merry Christmas!

Despite my hopes, my ornament got finished at the last minute. Three were finished in time to mail off to their recipients. Mine was started at 8pm last night. Fortunately, it’s a quick pattern and it was on the tree before midnight.

For my NYE project, I selected Knitty’s Zaftig. I’ve finished both cups and I’m working on the band around the midriff. That should be finsihed sometime today, and then I just have to make a couple of eyelash scarves to go with it.

I have news on a couple of other projects as well, but those will have to wait.

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  1. BeanMama:

    Oh, I have a Zaftig question! I’m knitting Zaftig now and I’m confused because usually increase rows are on the RS and the pattern reads to me (if you’re doing the increases every 4 rows: on row 4 and row 8) so that the increases are done on purl rows. Is that what you did? It seems weird to me…
    and I love LOVE LOOOVE your striped shrug & matching hat!!!!

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