Graft and Expand

I’m still working on inserting new rows into the Squiggles Sweater. It’s slow goinging. Working in the needles to hold the live stitches is rather quick.

Ripping out the row between them is a little more challenging because the yarn has tendency to felt.

Knitting the new rows is a breeze. Then comes the kitchener. Total pain the ass.

The section you see in the photo took me a good two hours to do. Many, many times I had to undo a stitch I had just done because I put the needle in the stitch the wrong way. The night after I took that photo, I finished up the seam. I didn’t time myself because I didn’t want to know. Eventually I got into a rhythm and I had to undo fewer stitches. But it was painful throughout.

I finished it and it looks pretty good. And then I went to the next section and finished the knitting. Now it’s waiting for the grafting. And suddenly cleaning my house is very attractive. Is that the laundry I hear?