Zig Zag it is!

I finished up knitting the extra rows for the 3rd grafted section of the Squiggles Sweater last night. I need to kitchener it back together, but didn’t feel up to the task last night. So I started swatching for Zig Zag instead.

I’m using Rowan’s Wool Cotton, single strand (the pattern calls for doubling) in “Ship Shape” which is a greeny-blue. Despite people calling this a DK weight yarn, it’s matching gauge just fine.

I have a bunch more rows to go before I bind off the swatch and wash it, but it’s looking very nice. And I started learning where I’m going to have issues with the pattern, because my swatch zags instead of zigs in a few places. Clearly I’ll have to use some guide strands every dozen rows or so in case ripping back becomes necessary.

And I’ve solved the winding dilemma. I’ll wind a half-dozen balls or so (need plenty for the flight) and I’ll toss several more in my luggage unwound. If I need them, I just use them as is and hope for no knots!