Side Trip

A friend of mine needed a tiny tam hat for a photo of her ferret. Of course, I stepped up to the plate.

This wasn’t just any tam, it was supposed to copy this one:

Armed with a crochet hook and some DMC Pearl Cotton 5, I set to work. At first, I tried to crochet in the round, alternating colors to create the 8 panels. However, I couldn’t achieve the feeling of the original, where the primary color was brown and the yellow and brick were accents.

Then, while at the gym one day, I had an epiphany. What if I borrowed a page from knitting and tried a form of entrelac? With a little short-row technique? And what if I doubled the thread, so that sometimes I worked with just one color, but sometimes I worked with 2?

It worked like a charm. I started with a base of 12 stitches, and decreased on the inside edge of each row until I had 3 stitches left. This created a right triangle with a long diagonal, ending with the thread to the outside of the work. Then, I worked back across the diagonal of the triangle, working 12 stitches down along the previous rows as a set-up for the next triangle.

Here’s a few different shots of it from different angles, with and without flash.

It turned out to be a really neat technique. If I thought tams were stylish, I might try to make a human sized version and write out the pattern. But it was a lot of fun to do for a ferret. If I get a photo, I’ll post it.

And I made some good progress on Zig Zag. I’ve joined the two flaps and I’m working in the round for the body. It’s all ready to be worked on the plane tomorrow. I hope the movie is decent.

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  1. Laura W:

    We always knew you were a genius with yarn….

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