Passing it on

Through a variety of other activites, I didn’t get much knitting of my own finished this weekend, but I did tutor others.

I met up with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while. And I knew they liked yarn, so I brought the part of my stash that’s up for grabs.

I taught my friend Laura how to knit and purl. She crochets with a very unusual throwing method, so I tried to teach her continental, but she still ended up throwing (although with her left hand). And, I saw how natural it is for a new knitter to take to Eastern Crossed knitting. She’ll have to work on recognizing her stitch mounts so she can uncross them. However, after about a half-hour of knitting (during which time she took to it really well, and had very good tension), we played video games for an hour, so she claims not to have retained much. Laura ended up with 2 big bags of yarn from the stash.

A month or so ago, I also taught my friend, Emma, to knit. She’d been working on a wool/eyelash scarf. But I didn’t give her much guidance about how much to cast on, so she cast on 50 stitches and ended up with something far too wide. She also knit with eyelash on each row and ended up with something very fuzzy instead of with fuzzy accents. So we frogged the whole thing. Based on her gauge, we reduced her cast on to 25 stitches, and I advised her to only pick up the eyelash every 3rd row to space it out.

Emma also grabbed a couple of balls from my stash. She choose some sport-weight yarn and plans to make some preemie caps with it. So she’ll have to learn to decrease and knit in the round. I gave her a small tutorial on the differences between double-points and magic loop. I know I’m biased by magic loop, but after watching me work the 15-stitch example tube both ways, she’s pretty sure that she wants to try magic loop herself. We’ll work on that next time she visits.

I also made a little progress on Zig Zag since I last wrote. Coming back from CA, I knit more rounds on the plane. I’m about a dozen rounds from dividing for armholes. I still have a bunch of things to catch up on from my time away, but that includes a lot of TiVo’d TV, so I think I’ll get to it.