February Fix-it?

I think it should rather be “February Finish-it”.

I hearby resolve not to start any new projects this month. And I’ll finish more than one. What’s languishing in my knitting drawers?

  • The Squiggles Sweater
    This is in the middle of the Great Graft Expansion. I’ve finished knitting expansion section #3 and need to graft it back together. Then there’s one more expansion & graft. Then I can actually add the squiggles and sew on the sleeves.
  • Marcel’s Sweater
    This needs the whole back frogged and re-knit at the proper gauge. Then I can assemble and finish it.
  • Sock gloves
    These gloves were made from a pattern formula in IK. And the formula for dividing for the fingers didn’t translate well to any normal hand. So my index finger was too big and my pinky far too small. I’ve frogged one of them back to the palm and need to recalculate the fingers. Then I need to knit them. And repeat for the other hand.
  • Master Knitting Level 1
    Last I left this, I decided to re-knit all the swatches. I have to go back through the ones I haven’t frogged and decide whether to keep them. And then knit the rest.
  • Zig Zag Sweater
    Can’t say this is “languishing” because it’s my active project right now and I only started it two weeks ago. But it is an unfinished item in my pile. However, if I do finish it this month, I don’t think it should count toward my month goal.
  • Blog Move
    I’ve moved most of the main content over to this new site, but the Project Notes section needs a lot of work and updates. The goal of the move was to make it easier to edit this section, because my new host has a nice web interface for editing HTML and I don’t need to download or upload files to make small changes. So now I need to do it. But I’m also still finding little issues that need fixing, like how my archives didn’t work until just a minute ago!

What’s my reward for finishing at least 2 projects? I get to start another and I get to play with Temari. Wish me luck.