Temptation, thy name is Koigu

I don’t stash. It may look to some like I have a lot of yarn (although far, far less than many), but the small amount that isn’t left over from past projects is pretty much all assigned to something. And I certainly don’t go out and buy yarn just for the sake of having it. At least I didn’t, until this came along….

Yup, that’s some Koigu KPPPM.

I’ve pretty much decided to do a Charlotte’s Web for my MIL. She loves purples, so my plan was to select 5 colorways that are predominantly purple, going from light purple to dark purple. To do this, I knew I’d need to buy extra, grabbing a skein of purple here and there, working my way toward 5 that complimented each other and had the right set of variations. So I ordered one Charlotte kit called “amethyst” and I visited a few local shops to see what they had available.

And the first shop, which had one purple-ish skein (that I later returned because it didn’t have the right shades), had the green and black one you see above. One lonely shopworn skein. Logically, I knew I had no plan for it. I couldn’t even delude myself that I could make socks or gloves, because how do you do that with one skein? And yet, I couldn’t put it down. And eventually, with no project in mind, it came home with me.

Dear reader, I’d like to tell you that my Koigu affair ended there. But no, it continues.

In a second shop, I found a much larger selection of purples. Some amazingly vibrant. All very yummy. Some so beautiful that I couldn’t leave them there, I had to buy a couple of them all for myself.

Like this:

And this:

And if that wasn’t bad enough, this one’s not even purple:

So then the kit I’d ordered arrived. And overall, I found it too magenta for the MIL shawl, but again, I loved some of the colors. So I’m hoping that the shop has another skein of this:

At least, for all my efforts, I did end up with a set for this shawl. A few candidates in fact. Here they are. In all the shots, the skeins are lined up from darkest to lightest (left to right). As knit, the darkest will be the most predominant in the shawl.

Candidate #1:

Candidate #2:

Candidate #3:

Unfortunately, the purples appear more blue in the digital photos than they do in real life, so you can’t quite see how amazing they are.

I’m really in love with the darkest skein in Candidate #1, which has a few greens and blues mixed in with purple and black. It’s not evident in the photo, but the purples and blacks nicely match the skein to its right.

Candidates #2 and #3 have swapped out that green/blue one for a new lightest skein. In #3, it’s a solid skein of KPM in a lavender shade. In #2, it’s KPPPM in most of that same lavender, but with some light blues and pinks mixed in.

At this point, I think I should go with #2 or #3 because the greens seem out of place. I’m a little worried, though, that the lavenders seem more pink than purple. And I’m torn between the two light options because I think I should have a varigated skein as opposed to a solid but I don’t like the varigated one all that much. And then I have to remind myself that this will be the least used color in the shawl.

So that’s where I am right now. All weekend, the yarn has been on our dining table. I re-arrange them from time to time. I look at them in different lights at different times of the day. My husband detests clutter, but has been amazingly accomodating of this creative process.

I can’t wait for March to arrive so I can get started on swatching. Until then, I’m firmly in February Finish mode and making smashing progress. But this has been such a long post, I’ll write about it in a day or so.