It’s still cold enough to wear them!

Finishing February has paid off with a Finished Object. I give you….

After the Twisted Magic Loop photo essay last weekend, I was on the home stretch on these puppies. I finished the one in those photos and picked up the second one. Given the gaps in the fourchettes, I decided to try the second glove one finger at a time. Doing it this way was still pretty quick and not having to sew up the gaps when I was finished was a definite improvement. The other bonus was that with finger-at-a-time I didn’t have to manage 4 yarn butterflys — there was only one feed of yarn to work with.

I’m happy to have finished these, but I’m less than thrilled with them. For one thing, Opal isn’t that soft as yarns go (or maybe feet don’t notice as much), so I wish they were a little softer. In addition, I wish that the pattern was a little more pronounced. I’ll have to keep looking for the perfect purple sock yarn. Or maybe I’ll make a pair in Koigu.

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