Frog, Knit, Repeat

Yes, just like shampoo instructions.

Squiggles is all ready to be assembled, but I felt like getting some serious knitting time in. So I got back to Marcel’s Sweater. First I frogged the whole front that ended up with the wrong gauge. Then I cast on with one of the balls and tried to start again. However, after a few rows, it was pretty clear that the stitch pattern was intricate enough that the yarn needed to be unkinked for me to see the gauge. So I frogged that and washed the first ball of yarn.

While that was drying, I picked up a ball I hadn’t yet used and started again. I started with larger needles than the pattern called for because my problem with this last piece was that the gauge was way too tight compared to the other pieces I’d knitted. A dozen rows in and I laid it out against the back. Painfully too large. Frog.

Try again with the needle size called for, but took care to knit really loosely. Another dozen rows and lay it out, about the right width, but too long. Frog.

This morning, I cast on again. After a dozen or so rows, I laid it out. Looks good, perhaps a tad too long, but at least the pattern repeats are dead on. So now I’m knitting somewhat tightly on the RS rows and more loosely on the WS rows (to allow some give for all the micro-cables). Hopefully that will keep the length in check.

Here it is, laid out on top of the back to give you an idea of how much more I have to do. Fortunately, today’s forecast calls for nothing but knitting.

One good thing that came out of all this frogging…I’m now an expert at tubular cast-on.