Squiggles Postmortem

The last seam stitch was made at 11:05pm, Wednesday, February 23. The last end was woven in at 11:07pm. It’s done. Done is good. I know I should be more excited about having a finished object, but I didn’t pick this one and I never really warmed to it. Anyway, because it was late and flash photos play games with the depth of color, I’ll wait for some natural lighting before I take a final photo to post.

I’ve made great progress on Marcel’s sweater. I’m in the middle of the armhole shaping. I think I’ll take it with me down to Philly for the weekend. And maybe I’ll toss in some Koigu to do some swatching if I actually finish Marcel to the point where I have to join it to the back. Because the only other thing I have on the needles at this point is Zig Zag. I want to get back to it, but it’s too much to pack in addition to the Marcel front.