Finished in February

Here’s the list of things I had to finish at the beginning of February:

Squiggles Sweater: Finished it last week. Still need to take a final picture or two before I mail it to my mom. I’m waiting for a day with natural light for that. Hopefully this coming weekend.

Marcel’s Sweater: I finished the primary knitting on the front earlier tonight. Now that piece needs to be blocked before I sew the shoulder seams and work the collar. So, I’m back to where I was with it at the end of November. The frogged yarn that I’ll use for the collar is currently drying after being washed to be unkinked.

Sock Yarn Gloves: These are so done! They’re in my coat pockets. I wear them every day.

Master Knitting Level 1: I’ve knitted all the swatches (although I need to take a photos of the last two). I’ve finished all the questions. I still need to write the report on blocking. But I have my references in a pile and I know what I’m going to say. I just need to sit down and do it. Again probably over the weekend. But the knitting part is finished, so I’m not letting it stop me from something new.

Zig Zag Sweater: This I didn’t touch all month. Too busy finishing up all the other projects. So I’ll be picking it up soon, probably tonight. Last I worked on it, I had about 10 more rows to do on the body section before dividing for the front and back yoke.

Blog Move: I’ve moved into this space quite nicely. All the Project Notes have been updated.

So, I think this month was a rousing success. My active projects list (at right) has never been so short! Quite frankly, that feels a little weird. But never fear, March Madness starts tomorrow. And I’ve already ordered the yarn…