March Madness

Otherwise known as “Amy Follows the Crowd”…

Here’s what’s coming up (maybe):

Charlotte’s Web: For my MIL. You know it, you’ve seen it on tons of blogs. I’m finally doing one. I have the yarn. You saw it in my Koigu Orgy of February 13 (I’m starting with Candidate #1, but might switch after I start the second ball and see how it blends). I swatched it up last night. The swatch blocks to the required 4 inches, but I think the stitches look a little too loose. Maybe I’m just being picky. Maybe I’ll read some lace books. There are oodles of Charlotte knit-alongs out there, maybe I’ll join. Wonder if there’s a Yahoo group.

Clapotis: I’m making at least two of these. One for a friend and one for my SIL. I’m not using Lion & Lamb, but rather Lorna’s Shepherd’s Worsted (because it’s superwash and my sister has an infant). The yarn is in the mail. However, I did order some Lion & Lamb for myself, so maybe I’ll make 3. I’ve been reading about this one on the Yahoo group. I’m all set to go.

Adrienne Vittadini Martina Sweater: The lavender one from the Fall 04 cover. I have the lavender yarn ready and waiting for me.

Rogue?: As a cardigan. I keep loving it when it pops up in other blogs.

Koigu Socks: for my sister. The teal/blue Koigu from the Orgy I bought with her in mind. I want to try some toe-up this time with afterthought heels.

Adrienne Vittadini Dianna tank: The frogged balls have been sitting in Stashland all winter. Should start it soon so I can actually wear it this year.

Triangle tank/halter from the new Knitters Magazine: The technique appeals to me. Maybe it’s all those short rows. But I fear that the tank might look too much like maternity wear. I have no idea what yarn I might use, but definitely not the Glitterspun the halter calls for. Too itchy.

Debbie Bliss Teddybear Sweater: The yarn is waiting. My niece isn’t getting any smaller.

Polka Dot Polar set from Knit It ‘04: See above.

Baby Red Sox: for a soon to be baby I know.

iPod Shuffle Armband: It’s such a light tiny thing, I should be able to do this without much effort when I get my hands on the right yarn. Now if I could only knit shorter headphone cords.

Mystery project 1. This one has a firm deadline of April 1.

Mystery project 2. This one will be something I design and involved shadow knitting.

…and what am I forgetting?

This should keep me busy until September or so.