Odds and Ends

As promised, a final photo of the Squiggles Sweater. The natural lighting isn’t perfect, but at least you can see the texture of the squiggles in a way you can’t in the flash photos.

Current progress on Zig Zag. This is the back. I finished it up to the shoulder shaping. I’m doing a little reading (and swatching) on short row shaping for the shoulders, so I just moved the whole thing off the needles until I make a decision.

Also this weekend, I blocked the front of Marcel’s Sweater. It’s currently drying. This pattern alarms me because the pieces grow a ton while they’re wet, but then dry back to the correct size. And because there’s a bit of a slant to the pieces right after they’ve been knit, they really need very wet blocking to balance them out again.

I made a first attempt at my idea for an iPod Shuffle armband. It was a failure for a number of reasons. I think I need a finer gauge of yarn knit on smaller needles, I need to make it longer to accomodate the shrinking when it stretches, and I need to figure what I did wrong with my tubular bind-off.

And I started Charlotte’s Web. I’ve done about 50 rows, about 100 stitches on the needles, into the second color. I modified the double decrease to make it a centered double decrease and I got a pile of brass jump rings to use as stitch markers. I need to get some more because this thing consumes markers!