And they’re off!

I started dropping stitches on Clapotis last night. So far, 4 stitches dropped. For me, the thrill isn’t so much in the dropping as in seeing how dramatically it changes the fabric after you do do.

Concerns about whether 3 balls of yarn would be sufficient and observing how wide it was getting caused me to only complete 5 of the increase repeats. It was pretty wide already and dropping the stitches only makes it wider. My gauge wasn’t off enough to account for the difference in size, so I guess I should check it again, just to make sure.

I also learned a few things about the pattern that make it easy to keep track your progress. It’s already been observed that the amount of yarn you need to do the increase section is the same as what you need to do the decrease section. Many people weigh their work after the increases and reserve that much yarn for the decreases.

What I found was that you only start dropping stitches in the straight section. So if you count how many stitches you drop before you run out of yarn, you can work that many again with your last ball before you need to start working the decreases. And if you only start balls of yarn before working the right side row and don’t weave in your ends immediately, you can use the tails as a place marker instead of having to remember how many you worked.

The other tip is that you can use the number of dropped stitches to count how many repeats of the straight section you’ve done. Handy!

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