Up To My Neck In It

Evening knitting is mostly about unwinding and not having to think too much. Thus, the more tedious or complicated details get left to times when I have more brain cells to deal with them. Like the weekends.

So I seamed the shoulders to Marcel, knit the neck and bound it off. It fits pretty nicely. I now have to sew up the sides and the sleeves and set the sleeves in. The sewing bits are pretty mindless, the sleeves might be less so. If I weren’t travelling this week, I’d get to the sewing at night and the sleeves this weekend. Who knows now.

The other challenging task I faced was finishing the front of Zig Zag with the short-row shaping, 3-needle bind off/join of the shoulders, and adding the neck. I got to the point where I was ready to bind off the neck. I paused to really look at it and decide what kind of bind-off I wanted to do when I realized that somehow in transferring stitches from holders to the neck needle, I dropped a stitch down the front. It only ran a few rows, but it’s prominent in the front zig-zag pattern. So I had to rip the neck out to fix it. Here where I left it.

This minor set back gave me an opportunity to revisit the rest of the front. There’s some looseness in the stitches near the neckline. I’m not sure whether it’s just a little slack that worked itself out while knitting the neck or whether I wasn’t as tight as I could have been during the short-rowing around the neck. I may decide to rip back to the end of the zig-zag pattern (Chart B) and redo the neck shaping section. But that would require carefully unbinding-off the shoulders. I’ll let it rest and see what I want to do.

In happier news, I’ve made steady progress on Charlotte. I’m into the 3rd color alone, somewhere in the mid-70s as row counts go. It’s a little too densely packed on the needle to stretch it out and give you a good photo. And the next length up in size 6 is currently holding the back of the neck stitches in Zig Zag.

And I finished my second ball of yarn for Clapotis. I’ve completed 10 repeats of the straight section. Given that I did 3 repeats before the first ball ended, I’m on target for 3 repeats with the last ball and then the decrease section. Here’s the whole thing:

And a close-up:

There’s a lot more pooling in the later part of the second ball than I would prefer. I’ll have to see what the other colorways I have look like unbound, but I may work the future Clapotis’ with two balls at once to break it up.

I also cast on for some Koigu socks for my sister. I carried these around with me and worked on them while waiting to see They Might Be Giants play a little show at Borders. I’m using the Crusoe pattern at Knitty, but I’m doing it toe-up and with afterthought heels. I’m past the toe shaping and into the rounds for the body of the foot. However, I forgot to take a picture. That’s okay, you had enough pics for one day.

Oh, can’t forget, I also won a little door prize at a moving sale. I picked it up yesterday. It’s a “scarf kit” containing a sample-sized ball of Colinette Firecracker (in a bright multicolor) with instructions for a drop-stitch scarf. However, I can’t figure the directions out. Instead of ladders, I think I get long loops. Maybe I’ll give it a whirl.