Clapotis Completed!

Last night I finished the Clapotis for my friend R. Good timing because I’m seeing her tonight.

Here’s a photo of the finished beast:

I used 3 balls of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted yarn, 100% wool, in Daffodil. Due to yarn concerns, I made 1 fewer increase repeats than the pattern calls for. I had some yarn left over, but probably not enough for to have completed that last increase.

There was some pooling in the second ball, and I figured out that my gauge relaxed some in this section, which accounts for it. However, it’s far more obvious in the cruel view of pixelation than in person. Had I not relaxed my gauge, I probably could have made the full pattern. However, as it is, the finished size is exactly what the pattern specifies. I won’t be blocking this one because I hope to give it away tonight, so it will retain the curlyness.

Now for a few close-up arty shots…

From the back (almost neater than the front):

From the front:

This shot shows how the column of twisted stitches on either side of the ladder differ. I think it has to do with the direction that the stitches twist in. For my next one, I’ll twist them to mirror.

And finally, all folded up in a tight ball, ready for the gift bag:

In other news, the Crusoe socks accompanied me on my most recent trip. I’m just about finished with the ankles and ready to bind it off and do the heels. I’ll show you tomorrow.