Charlotte’s Wreck

Saturday when I was working on Charlotte’s web, I noticed that a few rows back I had made a mistake of some sort. It looked like suddenly I had swapped SSK and K2Tog everywhere they appeared. I puzzled about it some, but I pressed on and completed another few rows. However, on Sunday it nagged at me and I decided I had to fix it.

So I yanked it off the needles.

I can hear you all gasping. With it off the needles, I was able to slowly, slowly unravel it one stitch at a time, back to the row I had done in error, which happened to be a right-side row. As I undid each stitch, I inserted the needle into the purl stitches that row held, and I got them all back on the needles. With all the stitches of the row ready to be knit again, I had averted disaster.

Looking closely at my knitting, I realized that I had forgotten to move my chart-marking PostIt note after the last time I worked on it and that I had repeated row 3. This was easy enough to correct and I was able to move on.

Since then, I brought it with me on my travel and am up to row 97.