So long socks?

Over the weekend, I finished the Crusoe socks for my sister. I wanted to mail them to her on Saturday, so it was a mad dash to knit on the heels before the post office closed. But I made it.

As I explained before, I did afterthought heels with these. Here is the front and back before I worked the heel:

Here’s the back after I inserted the needles to pick up the live stitches:

And after I pulled out the purple waste yarn:

Unfortunately, I inserted the needles in the wrong direction, so I to do a bit of fussing to shift them all around. I made sure to do the second one properly.

And here’s a finished sock:

I have my concerns about how well these will fit my sister. For one thing, the foot is HUGE! But then I’m a size 8 and she’s a size 10. Further, the ankle section is a little tight, because the stranded pattern has a tighter gauge and goes all the way around. But I sent them off. She can try them on and tell me what needs to be changed and I’ll fix them. There are worse things in the world than working on Koigu socks!