Knitting in the Dark

Okay, so not dark for me, but a continuation of the no-photo problem. I find that if I know I can’t show you anything, I’m more inclined to do things that don’t photograph well anyway.

Last night I seamed one sleeve of Marcel’ s Sweater. Nothing too exciting about watching a flat thing become a tube. I’m really eager to finish it now, because in sewing it, I realized how much I love the fabric. And even though I slipped it on over the shirt I was already wearing, I love the way the sleeve clings to my arm.

So tonight, even though I have a camera in my possession for photo-taking, I will seam the other sleeve. I probably would have been able to do both last night, but the West Wing was so good that I spent a lot of the episode actually watching and not sewing! And hopefully this weekend I’ll find a nice chunk of time to sit down and set in the sleeves.