Introducing…The Clapotis Cap

This is the hat I finished the other night. The one I’ve been so excited to show you. So even though this picture is below my usual standards and doesn’t quite show how totally cute it is, I’m showing you anyway.

While I was working on my first Clapotis, I kept thinking about how I might make a matching hat. I wanted to keep the drop stitches and I wanted to have a swirl. I’d play with ideas for variations in my head while commuting, but nothing really took. Until last weekend.

When I wasn’t playing with dye, I was knitting what was the prototype for this cap. That version was far too small (despite how much my friends loved it). But I worked out most of the ideas on it, so it was easy to adapt and expand for the one you see now. Here’s another view:

I’m guessing that your first thought is “Can I have the pattern?!” (or maybe “Is it easy to make?”). Yes, it’s easy to make, and yes, I’ll be posting the pattern. You’ll have to give me a little time, because right now it’s nothing more than scribbles in my notebook that you couldn’t understand even if I scanned it. I want to type it up and I want to make a second cap from my typed pattern to work out the bugs. And I want to take some process photos along the way. But then I’ll post it here.

I’ll also have a photographer friend take some “fashion shots” this weekend so you can see it in all it’s glory. So sit tight and keep your eyes peeled!