Weekend Wrap-up

Aside from working up a second hat and writing up and posting the Clapotis Cap pattern, I got a few other things done this past week that I haven’t mentioned yet.

First, I sewed the seam on the second sleeve of Marcel’s Sweater. All that remains is setting in the sleeves. I’d love to knock this off the “Active Projects” list, so hopefully I get a nice chunk of open time this weekend to focus on it.

I also started the I Do shrug from the new spring Knitty. This one is for my friend, Jen, who is getting married in May and wearing a sleeveless gown. She’d talked before about making some sort of shawl to wear during the reception but didn’t get started. When I saw the shrug, I pointed it out to her, but she despaired of making it in time. So I offered to do it for her. I’m making it out of Tahki Cotton Classic in white.

So far, I’m about 80 rounds into it. She didn’t like how big the bell sleeves were, so I cast on for only 6 lace repeats and reduced to 5 up to the elbow. I’m now in the section where I’m increasing toward the shoulder. Here’s what I had last night, but lace greatly benefits from blocking and this is no exception:

It’s not quite clear from the photo, but I’m working it magic loop style. I got a 12-inch Addi to use, thinking it would be a lot more mindless. Unfortunately, when they’re that short, the points come together at an angle that’s far too sharp for my style of knitting.

So on Monday, those super-shorts went back to the store. Which I’ll mention by name only because they were having a fantastic sale on 7 huge bins full of old patterns — each only $1! I got 33 pattern books for $33, saving $360! I could knit forever and never need to buy a new book. I’ll probably never even work things out of most of them, but after 2 hours of flipping through the bins, I ceased thinking and just kept putting the pile.

This was my take (and while I don’t usually include photos of my cats on this blog, Chutney had to sniff at the books on her floor):

Many Jaeger and Dalegarn books. Several issues of Katia. A bunch of other random things that caught my fancy in the frenzy.

The sale is on at Woolcott & Company in Cambridge, MA. There’s still TONS left. They have a bunch of yarn at 20% off as well (old stock, much good wool and tons of froo-froo novelty yarns).