I’ve been following a Yahoo mailing list for the TKGA Master Knitting program. Because the list contains people working on all 3 levels of the program, I’ve heard about all sorts of different challenges that I will face in levels 2 and 3. And no challenge seems more dreaded than the Bavarian Twisted Stitches.

I don’t know why it took me so long to Google it and find out exactly what this monstrous stitch entails, but I finally looked it up. And the answer? You twist stitches on both knit and purl rows.

That’s it?!

So it seemed so fitting that I managed to finish Marcel’s sweater this weekend, because not a single public stitch on this puppy is untwisted.

Here’s another installment in “Amy and a camera in a mirror”:

And a close-up of the sleeve:

Overall, I’m pleased with it. The size is perfect. I’m a little unhappy with the way the sleeve caps pucker — I think they might be too big over all, but I’m not inclined to redo them. I’m also not happy with how loose the collar is. The stitch pattern changed from mini-cables to a yo/k2tog march to allow more stretch in the collar and I don’t like how loose it ends up. I don’t want to touch it right now, but I’m inclined to either redo it on smaller needles or change back the pattern stitch.

But after a year and a half, I happy to put this one in the “done” pile. Now maybe there will be one more chilly day this spring so I can wear it. And a day with some better light so I can take better photos.