Red faced

I just noticed an error in the pattern for my Clapotis Cap. One so minor that probably no one would notice and so I could have just fixed it and no one would have been the wiser. However, as a science Ph.D. who got straight As in Geometry, I’m ashamed to my very soul. The finished hat should not measure 20 inches in diameter, but in circumference.



  1. Anonymous:

    I love the pattern!
    It has been added to my list of future projects…thanks for sharing it!


  2. Jaax:

    We will forgive you, but will you forgive yourself? ;)

  3. Anonymous:

    I never noticed your error while I was making it !!!
    Thank you for Posting my finished hat.I have put the shawl on hold for awhile to make something that goes alittle faster like 2 hats for granddaughters.

    Ann D
    Omaha NE

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