Spiders and Frogs

I didn’t want to steal Marcel’s weekend thunder, so I didn’t mention that I also managed to finish the principal knitting on Charlotte’s Web on Sunday night (but no pictures because it was close to 10pm when I bound off and I promptly jumped up and packed for the business trip I’m currently on).

I actually bound off twice for it. The first time, I decided it wasn’t stretchy enough. So I tinked the bind off and redid it with a larger crochet hook. Has anyone else noticed that a standard bind off is really just crocheting across all the live stitches? That realization made binding off go so much more quickly for me — no risk of dropping that one stitch.

Anyway, for the 5 hour flight to Los Angeles, my take-along project was the I Do Shrug. When I boarded the plane, I was just about to where the split for the back occurs. When the plane landed, I was two rows away from the end of the right side. And I thought I found an error in the pattern.

Now, I usually knit without a net, but some strange bit of foresight encouraged me to stop in the airport sundry store and buy over-priced, minty dental floss so that I could put in a lifeline. The actual plan was to knit a couple of extra sections across the back so that when I fit it to Jen, I could take them out if needed. But the foresight told me to put one line just before the split as well.

So when I got to the hotel and e-mailed the pattern author about the potential error, I learned that what I thought was an error was actually supposed to be a short row. D’oh! Now, it’s not the end of the world. I could make the other side exactly the same way and it would all be just fine. But it grates at me. I sit in my meetings and hear it taunting me. So sometime before I get back on the plane home, I’ll be frogging it.