We had a little sun over the weekend (although precious little) so I was able to lay out Charlotte and take a photo:

She needs crochet edging, blocking, and fringe. Don’t know if I’ll make it by Mother’s Day. Especially as our bed is the best blocking location, and, well, we sleep in it.

In other news, I got my first photos from someone who completed a Clapotis Cap. These are pictures of the one made by Ann from Ohama. Fantastic colors:

As for my own knitting progress, after ripping back the flat shoulder section of the I Do Shrug, I reknit it twice. I still think there’s something a little wonky in the pattern after Row 60. I discussed it more thoroughly in an entry on the knit-along page. I’m waiting on a response from the pattern author, but if you’re working in on it, pay attention to your knitting. I think if you do Flat Row 6/7 twice after Row 60 that you end up doing to reverse-stockinette repeats on the public side.