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The secret project is all finished. I have to do a small amount of paper crafting, then I can put it in a box and mail it off tomorrow. But pictures still have to wait.

After that was done, I got cracking on the I Do Shrug. Jen came over and tried the one sleeve on. Fits very well, should fit better after blocking. We’re a little concerned that it’s stark white while her dress is very, very slightly cream. But it’s made out of a number of fabrics, so we don’t think it will really be a problem unless you’re close up and anal. I may play around with a very weak tea mixture and a swatch or two. Not to try to match the cream, but maybe to dull the glaring white a little.

Here’s a picture of where I was early today when there was good light:

That’s one sleeve and the start of the other. When I put it down to write this and make dinner, I was past the dreaded Row 60 and into the Flat section. I’ve got 5 or 6 more Flat repeats to do and then I can join them. Hopefully I’ll make a big dent in that tonight so I can finish it tomorrow.

Here’s a close-up of the lace (the yellow line is a bit of embroidery thread I used as a lifeline in case what I’d worked was too big for Jen):