I Done!

Tonight I finished the I Do Shrug.

All the ends are woven in and it’s blocking:

The yellow thread you see in the photo is some embroidery thread I used to sew the slit across the back closed for blocking. This was the best thing I could come up with to allow me to stretch it fully and yet not put a bunch of pins in across the middle that might have a weird effect on the other side of the tube.

Unfortunately, it’s a little too long for my blocking board, so I couldn’t pin the ends of the sleeves out the way I’d like. After the back dries, I may re-wet the end and block those by themselves.

My tea-dyeing experiments were dismal failures, so I think I’ll leave well enough alone. The Lipton Earl Grey gave the test swatch a distinctly pink hue. The Lemon Zinger was very subtle but gave an overall muddy impression.