Whoa, where’ve I been?!

I’ve been doing plenty of things with my hands, just nothing with pictures I can post. We just bought a house last week and we’ve been busy planning and painting. The last 10 years we’ve spent living in apartments that are all a lovely shade of “apartment white”. And the previous owners of our house were not that daring, so the walls are the homeowner versions of “apartment white”, i.e. tasteful and unoffensive, yet drab, colors like taupe and olive. So now we want color!!!

Transformations are happening all over. Our living room will be a saffron-gold. The adjoining kitchen a rich bold olive green. Our bedroom is a dark green/teal. My husband’s attic/office will be dark and light shades of royal blue that will look like sky with the white slanted ceilings and skylights. My craft room will be two shades of purple. We spent at least 24 hours painting over the weekend and we’re beat. My hands are all colors of the rainbow. And while I didn’t do any knitting, most of my stash is living in the closet in my new craft room and I did peek wistfully in at it a couple of times.

I really want to have the time to sit on my ass and get back to the knitting. Wouldn’t that be a luxury? But for the next few evenings, it’s more painting. And expect to see lots of “I made curtains!” posts over the summer as I find the right fabrics and spend some quality time with my sewing machine in my craft room.

But, I’m not totally devoid in fiber content today — my mother in law sent me a photo of her wearing her Charlotte. She wore it to a dinner this week and attracted lots of comments from another yarn nut. She plans to wear it often because “it goes with just about everything in my closet!”: