Did I forget how to knit?

Moving really takes a lot out of you. And really, we haven’t even moved much stuff yet, we’ve just been painting. And painting. And painting. Fortunately, there’s only one room left that’s a painting disaster. It needs one more pass through to cover some thin spots and then the tape can come down and the outlet covers go back up. Unfortunately, it’s the kitchen/dining room, so the whole place still feels really messy. The rest of the rooms need tiny touch-ups here and there. Hopefully we’ll get the rest of the painting done tonight and can actually move stuff.

However, I did get some knitting time in this past weekend. Sunday was my birthday and we rented a van and drove down to the Ikea in New Haven, CT (we live near Boston). Ikea has been a favorite for us since back when we were surrounded by them in Southern California. A couple years ago, a friend and I had to go all the way to New Jersey to get our Ikea fix. Fortunately, it’s getting closer (in fact, there will be one in the greater Boston area in the fall — we saw the building on Saturday and it’s blue! Can’t be long now!).

So during the 2-hour drive each way, I managed to add a few rows to my second Clapotis. I’ve dropped a couple more stitches and still have a ton of yarn left for the straight section.

And just so you know what my hands will be doing this week, when they’re not packing and moving boxes, here’s the mountain of stuff we got at Ikea:

That’s a bookshelf system for my craft room, a dresser and two beside tables, a bookshelf for my husband’s home office, and 8 dining chairs. Tiny allen wrentches, here I come.