The Case of the Missing Yarn

Hello folks! Life has kept my away from my knitting. My house still isn’t unpacked (including important yarn items), work kept me away from home, and I spent precious hours training for a 60-mile 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk that I did last weekend in Tampa, Florida.

But I’ve had a Clapotis in a bag that I’ve been slowly working on. A row here and there, just to remind myself that I do know how to knit.

And today, as I dropped another stitch column, I took a look and realized that I needed to think about starting to decrease it. So I pulled out my notes that said I’d need about 85 grams of yarn. Then I dug around for the box where I’d last seen my yarn scale. I weighed what I had left — 85 grams! Wow, time to decrease.

Then I counted my dropped stitches and only had 8. Not anywhere close to 12, and I knew I had more than enough yarn to make this bigger. Hmm. So I pulled out a collander and weighed the whole thing, including the Cap I’d made first. ~360 grams, including the needles. That works out to just about 3 skeins. When I know I started with 4. So I’m missing a full skein. And I have no idea where it could be.

I think my best course of action at this point is to transfer the whole thing to a holding needle and work on something else. Because I can’t find any other projects in their entirety, I guess it’s time to make the Clapotis for myself finally. And hope the last ball shows up in time to finish this one for the x-mas present it was intended as. Cross your fingers for me. Maybe the location of my last ball of yarn will come to me in a dream.