State of the Union Address

Okay, so I spent some serious time unpacking and organizing my craft closet today and I think I’m ready to start working on stuff again. When we moved in, my stash looked like this:

And that didn’t even include all the notions and accessories stuck in random boxes. The active projects shoved into bags. My library of magazines and books. Or the other craft supplies that I have (cross-stitch, sewing, etc).

So I went to The Container Store and bought custom shelving for my new closet. After it was installed, it looked like this:

And today, I finished putting most of my supplies into it:

Note the bins of stash. Note the racks of magazines (still need to be organized — see the Vogues in front?!). Note that it’s all very orderly. Oh I’m so happy.

With that accomplished, I noticed that it’s mid-October and I took stock of what’s in progress and what I want to accomplish for the holidays.

  • Holiday Ornaments (x5)
  • Zig Zag Sweater (still needs sleeves)
  • Clapotis #2 (found that missing ball of yarn)
  • Clapotis #3 (just started the straight section)
  • Teddy Bear Sweater for niece
  • Secret scarf project
  • Secret hat project (x4)

That’s not much, is it?

Okay, so the secret projects have a Dec 1 deadline. The yarn’s on order. We’ll see how it goes. The hats may become scarves too.

The ornaments are always the bane of my existence each year. I wanted to try to make Temari balls this year, but I think I don’t have enough time to learn the technique well enough to make 5 for this year. So I’m falling back to cross-stitch on perforated paper. I have two patterns I’m choosing between. I ordered the beads tonight for both. I’ll post more details and let you all vote.

I’ve got everything I need for the Teddy sweater, but I’m a little afraid my niece may be too large for it. She’s a big girl. I’ll have to think on it.

And Zig Zag? That’s for me. It can just keep waiting.

In the meantime, I’m back on Clapotis #1. And knitting furiously.