A mild case of ADHD

So I just spent the last week madly finishing things to be sent off for x-mas. Blocking the clapotis for my SIL, cross-stitch ornaments for mothers and siblings, and a cross-stitch gift for my mother. All of that will be forthcoming once I connect the camera to the computer.

And I also installed WordPress. So instead of actually blogging like I promised I would, I played around with importing all these Blogger entries and figuring out other logistics of it. I like it a lot and I can’t wait to start using it full time. But I still need to work on the main template some. I don’t expect to have the dream template yet, but I want to keep some of the elements I already have. So it’s a bit of fussing. Or maybe it’s all moot because you all read me via RSS. :)

I’m also catching up with Bloglines. I was out of touch for about 6 months and had more than 2000 entries to read. And because I wanted to jump back into blogs again, I decided to start speed reading them. I’m loading each one and scrolling through looking at photos. Fun to see tank tops transition to sweaters and scarves. And good to be thinking about knitting again.