A return to knitting

Okay, so I have a lot of catch-up to do, not to mention that I’m currently working on stuff. So today’s post is filled with meat!!!

First, a catch up.

One of my other hobbies is the band Barenaked Ladies. I’ve seen them in concert many times and have travelled far and wide making many friends doing so. Sometimes, I knit special garb just for the shows. Last winter, I made Elf Attire for their holiday shows. And I did something extra special for their New Year’s Eve 2005 Show.

This holiday season, they went on the road again and so did I. This time around, I was kind of busy and wasn’t able to make the grand vision I had in the beginning and just made a pile of hats instead.

That’s Kathleen and Marta wearing the Tychus hat from Knitty. I made a handful of different colors from Knit Pick’s Wool of the Andes. All hats were “natural” and an accent color.

The hats kept us warm while we were waiting outside by the buses after the shows to say hello to the guys in the band.

(from left: Kathleen, myself, Marta, Ed Roberston, Alison).

Right as I was finishing up the pile we travelled with, my husband was complaining that he needed a medium weight hat for his winter-in-New-England walking commute. So I let him pick a couple of colors and he chose un-colors (black and grey). Because I gave away all but the red & white one for myself, all you get is close of shots of the two in the house:

The pattern was straighforward to make and I whipped out each hat in 2-3 hours. I made some tiny modifications at the points where the short rows end, trying to reduce the small hole that results. I didn’t make any improvement I’m willing to share.

However, I noticed that the hat could be reversible and that it has a subtly different look depending on which way out you wear it. Below are the “right side” and “wrong side” shots. The “right side” preserves the garter stitch rows. The “wrong side” is slightly more interesting the way the ends of a single color interlock.

So, when I made my husband’s hat, I played with casting on with waste yarn and I used a kitchener stitch on the seam to make a perfectly seamless hat. I like it a lot. But not so much that I want to take my own hat apart and redo it.

Okay, so much for the past. What am I doing right now?! The Miss Dashwood hat from Knitty.

When I first saw this pattern, I could barely stand how gorgeous it was and how the model was almost too cute to look at (click the pattern link above, I dare you). I itched for a litle girl to make it for, but no candidates were presenting themselves. Yes, I do have a baby niece, but I thought her mom said she didn’t like to wear hats.

Well, I gave her mom a Clapotis and Cap for Christmas (I’ll post about that one later). And when my SIL opened the box, little Gracie grabbed the Cap and put it on her head! Apparently, she loves hats! The very next day, I stopped at my LYS and bought the brightest color of Cashmerino they had….

(look at that gorgeous color under my new Ott-Lite!)

That was Tuesday. That night, I had finished the ear flaps and ties. The next night I did the fancy picot cast on for 180 stitches:

After a good dose of West Wing tonight, I’ve finished the brim, done the bobble border, and have started shaping the crown:

Another night or two, and Gracie has a new hat. And maybe I make her a mini Clapotis Cap of her own!