Yarn Glutton

I seem to be in an acquiring mood.

Last week I bought some yarn for hats for my niece. The turquoise Cashmerino that I made the Miss Dashwood hat from (I sewed it up last night, it just needs a couple of earflap buttons and a good blocking); a fun skein of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted that will probably become a mini-Clapotis Cap for that same niece; and I couldn’t resist a couple of balls of something called “Stripe” that I can’t find online. I thought I might make a scarf with it, I’m still not sure. Photos soon.

Then there was the Mermaid Kit. That got shipped yesterday. How long does airmail take from the UK? Can’t wait. Why is there no tracking number?!

Yesterday, I signed up for Stitches West and made travel arrangements. What really appealed was the Deliberate Drops class. After all my adventures in Clapotis, I had some ideas for things to do with dropped stitches. I haven’t had a chance yet to explore that, so I figure this class will give me a head start. I also signed up for an Entrelac class because it appealed, and put myself on the waiting list for a couple of others. Who knows if slots will open up, I guess I should start looking for lucky pennies. But the other big draw of Stitches is the Marketplace. I should probably bring an extra suitcase.

And this morning was the first day of the clearance sale at my LYS. I was there bright and early at 7am to rummage through bags of yarn. This store bundles up discontinued items in sealed bags. Buy the whole bag or nothing at all. I ended up with a bag of lavender Rowan Wool Cotton, a bag of forest green Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, and a bag of mixed colors of Rowan Felted Tweed (in “my” colors: navy, burgundy, and a greenish shade). I was hoping to find something that would work for making Rogue, and I actually picked up 30 balls of a red worsted Classic Elite wool. But after thinking about it more, I decided that I’d rather swatch around some more and pick something I really, really like for that project instead of just something convenient.