What do I get my mom for x-mas?

I had a hard time with that question this year. Asked a bunch of random people, didn’t get much of anywhere. In the end, I remembered that Diana Gabaldon had a new Jamie and Claire book out in the fall and that while I was at the bookstore when it opened the day it came out, my mom might not have been. So I got her a gift certificate for that (or something else if she’d already read it), but I needed a little more.

I was sifting through my cross-stitch box to collect materials for this year’s holiday ornament (post will be coming soon) and I found a kit from Dimensions that I’d picked up with her in mind because it features a dragonfly.

The kit was stitched on perforated plastic instead of perforated paper. My first time using that as a stitching medium. For things that require a bit of structure, I like it quite a bit. It was resilient enough while stitching that it took a bit of abuse and didn’t deteriorate like perforated paper can. It was also surprisingly easy to cut.

Here’s the design when it’s stitched, but before cutting:

Here are the pieces after backstitching and cutting:

And here is the final piece. The little tag at the bottom says “Explore”. The hard part was anchoring the wire hangers. I bent some angles in them which I stitched down to the backstitching before glueing a felt backing on. I hope it will hold up.

The other thing I wanted to show you was one of the balls of yarn I got last week. This one was purely SEX. It called to me, I have no idea what I will do with it, but I had to buy two balls. It’s soft, 100% wool, and I love the colors. It’s called Stripe 7934 by Martifil. Couldn’t find it with Google. Don’t know where you might find it. There were a few other colorways. This one shows up really well under my Ott Lite. Mmmmm….pretty yarn….