It’s Here!

My Mermaid kit arrived yesterday. Only 12 balls of yarn, will it ever be enough? And such a fine gauge as well. The pattern specifies 3mm needles and wouldn’t you know, my size 2 Addis are with a friend. And I thought I had some size 3s somewhere, but can’t find them. That’s all moot anyway, as I also don’t have appropriate DPNs. So I’m not casting on tonight.

In fact, I’ve decided that I have to finish up a couple of other things before I’m allowed to do much more than swatch. I’m finishing up the little scarf I’m working on for my niece. A night or two more on that, probably. And I decided that it’s time to finish Zig Zag.

I pulled it out over the weekend and took a look. I’ve got 3-4 inches done on the sleeves, shouldn’t take too much effort to knock it out. Really. Just in case you forgot, this is what it looked like last time I took photos…


Sleeves (sorry it’s so washed out):

Now let’s see how long my will power endures…