More catch-up

Still playing catch-up with the projects I finished for the holidays. Here are a couple of this year’s ornaments. They are cross-stitch with beads on perforated paper from a Mill Hill kit. As before, I bought one and then just bought additional supplies to complete the rest. I ordered additional beads from them to make all 5 and now have tons of left over seed beads.

Here’s two ornaments (can you play, find the photographer?):

Here’s another shot, showing the back of one. In the past, I’ve glued on felt backings, but I always stitch a date and signature and I’ve never been happy with how it looks on felt. This year, I didn’t have much time, so I decided to use some scraps of paper and stitch little tags for the back. I think they turned out much nicer than felt:

Last night, I finished up the scarf for my niece. The chevron pattern I was working on ended up folding over and started twisting. So I used it as a design element and added big tassels at the end. It really turned out better than I was expecting. So I’ll probably write it up. I have a bunch of photos to take tonight, so I’ll show you tomorrow.

I also got back into Zig Zag. After pulling out my knitting and reviewing the pattern and charts, I found a bunch of line-by-line notes on the backs of several of the pages. Then I remembered that I’d listed out for each row my increases and decreases and other changes. It took me a few minutes to count the rows of my sleeves and get situated, but now I don’t have to keep close track to remember where I’m doing things, I’ll just follow the notes I sketched out….nearly a year ago!

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