Hats Ahoy!

I’m heading down to visit my SIL tomorrow, so I had to finish up some of the hats I made for my niece.

Here’s Miss Dashwood from Knitty. I made the largest size and only needed 2 balls of Cashmerino Aran, not 3 as the pattern recommends.

And a close-up:

And, as I mentioned before, I made a smaller Clapotis Cap as well. I used Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in Uptown. I did one less pattern repeat in Section 3 and reduced the top by 6 stitches. It used 45g of yarn. The remainder I used to knit a matching scarf. Here they both are:

For the scarf, I wanted to show off the variegation of the yarn, and tried a few different stitch patterns before settling on the chevrons I actually used. I’d cast on expecting a flat-ish scarf with diagonal sections. And that’s what it was for the first 20 rows or so:

But then the sides started curling in along my decrease ribs. And as it got longer, a twist developed as well:

So then I decided to finish it off with some fun tassels:

It was quite a surprise how it turned out. And it was easy because it was all flat without anything too fancy. I’ll probably write up the pattern if there’s any interest.


  1. Stephanie:

    The scarf looks great! I hope you will share! :)

  2. ev:

    Yes please! It’s CUTE!!

  3. BC:

    I love your twisty Scarf!!!! Please share the pattern.

  4. Abbi:

    hello! found you by searching for marcel’s sweater (and have added you to my list of daily reads)…question on marcel’s sweater, did you have any trouble with the arrowhead pattern? i’m having one heck of a time getting my swatch to look right. i’m sure i’m doing something stupid and am on a quest to determine what i’m doing wrong.

  5. Theresa:

    Amazing how knitwear can be surprising even when you least expect it. The scarf is very nifty!

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