Twists, turns, zigs, zags, charts

My hats and scarf were well-received by my niece. I received many baby kisses all weekend. And apparently, little-kid-length scarves are hard to find. Manufacturers are afraid of strangling liability or something. So I will in fact write up the scarf pattern, I just have to figure out what to call it. I think I will ask all of you for help with that and offer an incentive. I have to dig through my stash to figure out what, so just start thinking. As food for thought, here’s some pictures of Gracie in her new winter fashions:

I also started thinking about the logistics of Mermaid. I bought some double points and I have reclaimed my size 2 40″ Addis. Swatching will start soon. While in the car this weekend, I started reading through the pattern to see what was ahead of me and to figure out what size I want to make. And I discovered that it’s very densely written, referring back to previous sections and including lots of “AT THE SAME TIME”s and very few stitch counts as sanity checks. So I’m working on writing out line-by-line directions in an Excel spreadsheet. I’m somewhere on page 3 right now, in the middle of the armhole gusset and just about to reach my first stitch count, and it looks like it’s going to match! Someone on the knitalong did something similar by hand, and I’m amazed. I don’t know how I’d be able to manage this without copy/paste. Here’s my kit (play spot the photographer!):

Finally, I’ve been making good progress on Zig Zag. I’ve got more than a foot of the sleeves done now. About 40 more rows and I can divide for the sleeve caps. Maybe just about the time I finish that Mermaid spreadsheet. Here’s what the sleeves looked like tonight: