I have a new site design. That was one of my primary goals when choosing WordPress, and I spent all evening yesterday tweaking things just right. Of course, I still have to go through and update all of my static pages (patterns and project notes) to match, but it’s getting there. So come take a look.

In knitting news, I put an inch or so more on the sleeves for Zig Zag. Making steady progress there.

As for Mermaid, I’m working on the spreadsheet that will list the pattern directions row-by-row. I’m past the first armhole gusset, which was the most challenging what with decreasing and short rows and trying to match the stitch count. I think I’ll try to get to the middle of the back and then make it available for people as a work in progress. Once I get that finished, I’ll do some calculations and see what size I want to make. Clearly, the Large will be too large, but I’m starting to worry about the Medium as well.

Don’t forget about the Name That Scarf Contest!