You may have noticed, I have a thing about purple

Admitting it is the first step. Buying more yarn is the second.

I read about Art Yarns Handpaint Stripes early last week and took a look around for some swatches. Much like my immediate love for Mermaid, I saw color 138 and wanted it. I justified satisfying my lust by deciding that it would be a good yarn to test out my pattern for the yet-to-be-named twisty scarf I designed.

Today, this arrived:

It’s just as gorgeous as it was on the sales page. And it’s very, very soft. I keep petting it. And I keep looking at it and thinking that it’s pretty enough just as it is. Part of me just wants to keep the skein around and never make anything out of it. Part of me wants to buy a lot more and make all of my wardrobe out of it.

I’m going to be patient. I’ll keep working on Zig Zag. I might let myself wind it into a ball in a day or so. And then I’ll try to distract myself with Mermaid. Really.